Vendor Management Our Vendor Management services ensure production is completed and shipments processed on-time, to your quality standards. The most effective vendor quality control begins at point of origin involving shipment monitoring, education and performance measurements.

             We monitor compliance with your critical data and events, like documentation, booking and exceptions. We also measure performance of:

  • Ship window compliance including: Timely submission of documents, Accuracy of shipment advice, Accuracy of manifests, Shipment quantity and quality.

  • Our Vendor Management services improve supply chain standards, enabling you and your vendors to maintain quality relationships.

  • We educate your vendors on your logistics procedures to ensure products are precisely packaged, loaded and delivered.

  • Programs are customized to your unique requirements. We define and communicate your requirements in local language, establishing vendors’ roles and responsibilities.

  • We ensure compliance with processes and procedures. We create open and seamless communications that link your vendors to FOB Global Logistics and your own operations.

  • We promote a spirit of teamwork that drives continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain.

  • FOB Global Logistics monitors production and compliance statuses against pre-defined trip plans.

  • We also recognize that every industry is unique. Raw materials receipts and documented sources of raw materials are critical for some, while first run quality, timeline quantities and final Quality Control (QC) inspection certificates are important to others.

  • Our global network and technological solutions enable you to obtain direct status updates before products depart the factory.

  • We monitor quantities, timelines and quality before your customer spots incorrect labeling or sub-standard products. This successfully reduces costly re-work at destination or return of shipments, yielding substantial benefits.