Consolidation We Serve you with the latest logistics technology....

Consolidation services from FOB Global Logistics open up the benefits of purchasing smaller quantities from a variety of vendors.

Our consolidation services is more than simply filling up a container or building a pallet.

It allows a buyer to procure a variety of products from a multitude of vendors without losing operational efficiency in the shipment process.
While sourcing from several vendors makes good economic sense, the complexities arise

when attempting to balance production runs against full container / pallet quantities and sales forecasts.

Overstocking just to qualify for discounts is no longer necessary.

Our consolidation services allow the purchase of exact product amounts required to

meet sales forecasts in the most economical way.
FOB Global Logistics combine your goods from multiple vendors into one shipment.

Acting as your single point of contact, we help eliminate lost economies of scale, management costs

and extra customs requirements.

Captured under a single platform, a pipeline of information from all suppliers can be efficiently monitored.

As the eyes and ears next to the production source, we verify everything from transposed Purchase Order (PO) numbers to inferior carton quality.

When we know it, you know it.

Beyond multiple vendors, FOB Global Logistics manages your products sourced from more than one country.

We coordinate collection of Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments from multiple vendors in multiple countries.

Arrange shipments from origin and consolidate them into Full Container Loads (FCL) at central hubs. Organize FCL shipments to final destination

Benefits Of Consolidation

Pro-rated freight and destination charges, saving on LCL tariffs

Our weekly hub-and-spoke services help you make LCL shipments without delay

Multiple- country loads are delivered complete, reducing the cost of customs and trucking

Intact deliveries mean less risk of pilferage
You have visibility over your inventory as it moves throughout the global supply chain with the complete documentation and information services we provide.