When is my shipment going to arrive?

The FOB Tracking page can provide up-to-date information on your shipment location.

What payment methods can i use with FOB?

A FOB account is highly recommended if you ship frequently. This offers you negotiated price savings and the opportunity

to pay by monthly invoice. Less frequent shippers can pay by cash or ANOTHER METHOD ACCEPTABLE TO BOTH PARTIES..

What is the maximum size of package i can send?

We will be pleased to advise and arrange carriage of any SIZE OF CARGO for you.

If a FOB time definitely delivery was not delivered by the specified time,

can i request credit from FOB?

In the unlikely event that a Time Definite Delivery misses its scheduled delivery through our fault, you should contact

our customer service department who will arrange agreed compensation for you.

How do i make a loss/damage claim for FOB shipment

that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

If your shipment failed to arrive, it is important that you contact customer service with an accurate description of the goods

and their packaging as soon as possible. Our “found shipment centers” hold on to items that were not properly addressed or

that became detached from their packaging. It is possible that

they will be able to reunite you with your shipment. If this fails, please contact customer service contact customer service to

file a report. Please note that damage to goods in transit is

frequently the result of inadequate packaging.

I intend to buy some products from an overseas vendor that uses FOB

to ship. Will I have to pay import duty on the items I purchase?

You will have to discuss this with the vendor. It depends on the type of commodity you are purchasing,

the value of the goods, how the vendor labels them for customs purposes and what country you are importing them

into. If customs imposes a charge, FOB will advise you of this extra cost in the first instance, however you are advised

to pay this, whether or not you accept delivery of the goods.

Our company would like to begin exporting products to several countries.

We have no previous experience of this, can FOB advise us?

Absolutely! FOB has unrivaled experience of international shipping. Please contact FOB Sales Team to discuss your needs.

I was charged duties and taxes by Customs for something purchased online.

Why wasn’t that included as part of the overall shipping costs?

Please be aware that when purchasing goods via internet sites, some or all of these goods may not originate in your home country.
When goods are not sent domestically or within a single customs union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your
local Customs authority deems appropriate. Duties and taxes are most typically not included in the price of the goods you purchase online.
FOB pays the Customs authority on your behalf any duties and taxes that are due on the goods, when they enter the country.
This simple process ensures that our courier can deliver your goods in shortest possible transit time.
Please note that we only release the goods to you upon the full repayment of any duties and taxes that were paid on your behalf.